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Electronic Component Recycling

Whether you arrived at this page by ClickCycling an item from our Consumers page that you are ready to recycle or are interested in what do with electronic components (printed circuit boards, resistors, integrated circuits, etc.) at the end of their useful life in general, you came to the right place.  Though not as plentiful as recycling resources for other electronic items, there are organizations in Western Washington take a wide range of electronic components.   Some of these organizations are described here.  Select your location to find recyclers that accept these items:


UW Seattle Campus     |     King County

With the exception of UW Seattle recycling, the information on this page is for household recycling.   To make your recycling experience fast and efficient, we recommend that you:

  1. Call ahead! Make sure the business accepts your item and is open at a time that is convenient for you.  Confirm the recycling fee (if any) for your item.
  2. Know that many businesses offer pick-up of large items or a large volume of total items for a small fee.

Recycling Information for:
UW Seattle Campus


  • If the electronic component that you are seeking to recycle was purchased with university funds (including state and federal grant funds), the item should be recycled through UW Surplus.
  • Small items (the size of a laptop computer or smaller) can be deposited in blue e-waste bins located in the Paul Allen Center Atrium (one on the CSE side and one on the EE side of the building) or in Room 137 of the Electrical Engineering Building on the Seattle campus.
  • If the item you are seeking to recycle does not fit into any of the categories above, it can be recycled off campus (see listings below).

Recycling Information for:
King County

1 Green Planet (located in Renton)

  • (No Fee) Circuit boars of all kinds; cables and wires; mixed electronic components

Friendly Earth (located in Seattle)

  • (No Fee) Circuit boards of all kinds; cables and wires

Total Reclaim (located in Seattle)

  • (Fees may apply) Electronic components of all kinds